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Texan Pickles: Talk O' Texas

Talk O' Texas company logo

In 1950 Dick and Mitzi Grimes of San Angelo, Texas started Talk O' Texas in their family kitchen. In 1955 Al Ricci purchased a large minority interest in the fledgling business, and completed his purchase of the company in 1956 when the Grimes family moved to Oklahoma.

In 1985, Al's son Larry Ricci became President and Chief Executive Officer. Today, the company occupies a state of the art 60,000 square feet manufacturing plant.

workers sorting pickles in the Talk O' Texas plant
glass of Talk O' Texas Okra Pickles

Talk 0' Texas Crisp Okra Pickles are a low calorie (average of 10 calories per 2 pod serving), low carbohydrate food.

Talk O' Texas buys only the finest quality okra, which passes through a 4 step grading process before being placed by hand into the jar. The highest quality spice oils, dry spices, vinegar, salt, and other ingredients are added. All of the ingredients used are certified kosher, although the finished product is not certified.

Talk 0' Texas Crisp Okra Pickles are available in Hot or Mild 16 oz. jars. Both have the same wonderful garlic dill flavor. You can find them in supermarkets from coast to coast or buy directly from the manufacturer.

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