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New York: Guss' Pickles

Izzy Guss was the original owner of Guss' Pickles. Izzy arrived here in 1910. He worked for L. Hollander and Sons and later opened his own store.

In 1979, Harry Baker took over Guss' Pickles with his partner Burt Blitz. Through the 1980's into the new Millenium, Harry and his son ran the store.

In 2002 Andrew Leibowitz announced the creation of Crossing Delancey Pickle Enterprises Corp. As a pleasant surprise to many New Yorkers, Andrew announced plans for future expansion by opening Guss' Pickles retail store in Cedarhurst. As C.E.O. of the company, Andrew envisions future expansion for Guss'. Guss' Pickles, the largest pickle emporium in the world, produces and sells New York barrel cured sour pickles. The rest of the pack sells foreign produced pickles not made in the U.S.A.

Guss' Pickles 1920 advertising poster

Guss' four most popular products are:

Guss' sour pickle

GUSS' SOUR: Fresh cucumbers are packed in barrels with our own blend of all natural pickling spices, freshly - chopped garlic, and a saltwater brine. They cure in barrels for at least a few months, producing their own sourness and unique flavor.

Guss' half sour pickle

GUSS' HALF SOUR: Fresh cucumbers are cured in a saltwater brine and skillfully seasoned with our own blend of natural pickling spices and freshly chopped garlic.

Guss' sour tomato

GUSS' SOUR TOMATO: They cure in a salt and vinegar brine with all natural pickling spices, freshly chopped garlic, coriander, and celery seed. They develop a full, zesty flavor while retaining their crisp texture and fresh character.

Guss' Sauerkraut

GUSS' SAUERKRAUT: It ferments naturally for a minimum of 30 days, developing a fabulous full flavor and crisp texture.

Guss' also sells Hot Pickles, Deli Mustard, Sweet Peppers, Hot Cherry Peppers, Giardiniera, Marinated Mushrooms, Large Assortment Of Olives, Horseradish, Sweet Relish, and much more!

Guss' Pickles store
Guss' Pickles Long Island store at 504 A Central Avenue, Cedarhurst, N.Y. 11516

Store hours:



Phone: (516) 569-0909


11AM - 5PM

Fax: (516) 569-0901


11AM - 5PM

E-Mail: GussPicklePower@aol.com


11AM - 5PM

Mail Order: 1-800 620 GUSS


9AM - 3PM




11AM - 5PM

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